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The Sanborn Savings Bank was founded on February 1, 1899 by James H. Daly. When the railroad came to town in 1878, Mr. Daly came with it as a roundhouse mechanic. Leaving the employment of the Milwaukee Road in 1889, James worked as an officer at various local banks until purchasing the First National Bank of Sanborn and renaming it Sanborn Savings Bank.

Mr. Daly believed that a bank should be a vital part of the community, acting as a partner to the community and its residents, helping them to grow and prosper. We continue to hold those views today.

We are Sanborn's only home-owned, home-managed financial institution. Because we're home-owned, we understand the importance of offering you a wide range of financial services. From our Star Savers Kids Club to our Money Market Checking and Savings accounts, we have deposit and transaction accounts that will help you manage your money. Our loan products cover a wide range of options from consumer loans to commercial and agricultural loans.  Whether you’re looking to buy a home, purchase a vehicle, require funds for your business or agricultural operation, or need funds for a variety of other reasons, we can tailor a loan program to meet your individual financial needs.

Since 1899 we've been working to help our clients, our businesses, and our community meet their financial goals.

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About Us

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